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Projects of Phonecast in “mHealth sector” & other Information dissemination services through use of ICT

1) Currently Phonecast is establishing Pakistan’s largest mHealth based health education network targeting the redundant home based female doctors through eLearning, and making them equipped with mobile applications and SMS based advisory and alert on Mother & Child health, Reproductive Health, neonatal and maternal mortality issues. These home based redundant female doctors are in thousands , once equipped with mHealth tools and new force of mHealth female doctors will be made available in entire country and can be very effective for Mother & Child related health awareness and first level support in their localities and via Mobile from any where in the country, for this purpose Phonecast is using a state of the art call center, IPTV transmission of live/recorded content n laptops and computers, Mobile TV through Android apps for live/recorded content through tablets and smart phones devices, SMS evaluation engine.

This project is partnered/ supported with/by, (a) Federal Ministry of Health Services, Govt of Pakistan, (b) Pakistan Television Corporation, Govt of Pakistan, (c) National Project of Maternal and Child Health-Govt of Sindh, (d) Dow University of Health Sciences-Govt of Sindh, (e) Ziauddin University of Health Sciences, (f) Comsats University-Govt of Pakistan, (g) University of Lahore’s Medical College, (h) College of Family Medicine, (i) Pakistan Medical Association –Karachi, (j) Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund.

2) From 2010-2013 created and operated Pakistan’s first VSAT based Mobile mHealth unit for TeleHealth based health service in rural Punjab using– Telecare – Chenab

Development Foundation (CDF-A partner NGO with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund) – Ref: Abdul Munim-Director-CDF; Cell: +92301 8500626 – www.cdf.org.pk –abdulmunim@cdf.org.pk .

After this pilot of 2 years, and been treating 40-45 patients every day in, locations where there is no water, no electricity, no roads etc, now Phonecast is looking for partners to establish a nationwide Satellite based (Ku Band) mHealth clinic network, which will operates in Remote locations, this mobile mhealth unit will have Ultrasound machine and Electronic microscope both connected to our special compression module which enable transmission of live ultrasound images and live blood cell movements via Satellite link to back end doctors terminals, as well as through our cloud computing application, these live images are transferred onto Mobil Phones, Tablets and PCs world wide. Also we have installed HD biometric devices for Ear, Nose, Skin, Eyes and Teeth examination, these images in HD will be transmitted live over satellite link to back end doctors at our medical call center hundreds of miles away.

3) We are establishing mhealth based Telehealth centers in 9 locations in rural Baluchistan with Taleem Foundation, where we have 5000 male/female students and more than 250 female staff, these telecenters will have mhealth based services and tools to provide instant fist level support on women and child health issues and will also provide services to the community, Ref: Ms Sobia Asad – Chief Executive, Taleem Foundation- cell: +92 333 5551321- sobyazafar@gmail.com; Web: www.taaleem.pk ( for locations pl visit web site)

4) We are in the final Phase to establish mHealth based units through telecenters in 7 educational campuses of Comsats ( for foot print of the Comsats pl visit web site www.comsats.edu.pk), these campuses will have mhealth support through use of telemedicine, from a centralized location doctors will be evaluating and treating patients, with focus on women and children, these patients will later on get 24/7 first level support through mobile phones, health alerts through SMS, and will be able to get their updated medical record through SMS on demand. Specially designed mHealth tools such as information and awareness clips, and SMS will be send to all registered patients.

5) In 2008, established and operated for 10 months a 24/7 mHealth based service on Mother & Child with Pakistan Initiative for Mother & Newborn- (PAIMAN-USAID & JSI Initiative), manned by 10 Doctors and handling 24/7 calls from 13 PAIMAN districts. Ref: Dr Nasir Idrees, EX Project head PAIMAN. Cell: +92300 5551248

6) In 2009, using National TV transmission and Mobile Phones to educate Mothers for Maternal and Child care issues established a 24/7 eHealth service with a leading private sector TV channel ATV & National Committee for Maternal and Neonatal Health ( NCMNH), Ref: Dr Saddiqah N Jaffery-President, NCMNH- Phone:+9221 353 41597 sadiquajafarey@ncmnh.org.pk

7) Using mHealth based SMS awareness and Mobile phone enabled tele consultation 24/7 Health support service during 2010 floods with Pakistan Television Corporation and Zaiuddin Hospital & University; Ref: Mr Fakhar Hameed-Director IT, PTV- Cell : +92300 8550123 – www.ptv.com.pk email:- dit@ptv.com.pk

8) In 2008 established Pakistan’s first live 24/7 Medical Call Center with Pakistan Medical Association ( PMA) , as pilot: Ref: Dr Najam Mehmoodi –PMA

9) In 2011 – Established mhealth centers with National Disaster Management Authority NDMA), at Prime Minister Secretariat-Islamabad and Telecare(pvt)Ltd, this project was made with medical facility of Dow University of Health Sciences ( www.duhs.edu.pk) –Ojha Campus, Karachi for patients in three affected locations ( Mirpurkhas, Tando Muhammad Khan and Badin), where Telecare & NDMA were running their telemedicine centers - Ref: Dr Zafar Iqbal Qadir- Chairman NDMA. ( www.ndma.gov.pk )

10) In 2008 with Radio Pakistan established Medical Call Center on Mother & Child Healthcare, in technical collaboration with Efroz Chemicals, this was a 24/7 medical call center backed up by Automated Voice information system for health related issues.

11) In 2008 Pakistan’s first ever National Election Call Center was established by Phonecast - with Pakistan Television Corporation, through this call center all election results from sensitive locations were received by call center and later disseminated to the PTV \ News control room. Ref: Mr Mirza Yousuf Baig – Managing Director-PTV,md@ptv.com.pk: Cell: 0300 5559222. -Mr Fakhar Hameed –Director-Information Technology- email: dit@ptv.com.pk :Cell: 0300 8550123.

12) PTCL EVO TV service : Operating 50 Live (local and International) TV Channels for 250,000 subscribers of PTCL EVO TV network an IPTV service by Phonecast, the callers use this service on their computers, Tablets and Mobile phones, this platform offers its subscribers 7 days rewind of all channels, with instant recording of any live channel, of monitoring who is watching what, about pushing video or data to any subscribers at any time on their Computers screens, Tablets and Mobile phones. - Ref: Syed Ammar Haider Kazmi/SM IPTV & VAS provisioning/PTCL - ammar.Kazmi@ptcl.net.pk Ph: 0512283149 – cell: 03009559305.

13) Providing development and customers support for International IPTV Technical transmission service for PBX Telecom-Romania, for its 350,000 plus viewers from all over Europe, watching 50 international TV channels, from IPTV platform in Bucharest, Romania. Ref: Mr Orlando Razvan Matei , Founder & Chief Technical Officer-PBX Telecom, Romania, info@pbxtelecom.ro – Ph: +407 26103208.

14) Providing 16 Live TV Channels for more than 10 million subscribers of ZONG Mobile users, ZONG Pocket TV- through its partner company PBE (pvt)Ltd-Islamabad, also operating call center to provide technical support to subscribers on ZONG Network www.pbe.com.pk – Ref: Mr Ali Gillani – Vice Chairman –PBE-ali.gillani@pbe.com.pk Cell: 0333 5180909 – Ph ; 051 8439993.

15) We operate a unique Telecasting project, in which we use IPTV telecast for events, conferences, exhibitions etc uplinking via our YASAT satellite capacity using our mini earth station for uplinking, then down linking the signal in Bucharest-Romania and then rebroadcasted over Broad band global fiber link at 5 co locations datacenters ( Chicago, Montreal, Frankfurt, UK, Sidney ), where this transmission is published and is available for viewers to watch over their TV Sets (using Set Top Boxes) on their Laptops, desk tops, IPADS and Mobile Phones, these live telecast is recordable and also one can rewind them too. ( www.pbxtelecom.net)

16) Now in 2013 had been awarded exclusive contract to handle National Election call center, for 2013, with the State TV in support from Election Commission of Pakistan, to establish a data aggregation center for progressive results through a call center and then to disseminate these results on 120 million mobile phones in country and on world wide mobiles and tablets through IPTV/Mobile TV platform /Streaming live.








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