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Since its inception, Phonecast has always been market leaders in the vertical it operates, may it be Premium Rate services-PRS ( 2003-2005), Phonecast has taken the PRS industry by storm, by having 80% of all Satellite & Terrestrial TV Channels as its clients and did operated all of the interactive TV services on revenue share basis.

Beside capturing market with the TV Channels, it also took major projects of awards, polling, quiz for multinational companies and consumer products.

Phonecast also took the International Call Center & BPO industry, by having joint venture with international call center consulting groups to organize first international call center investment conference during 2005, that was so successful that it resulted in getting two major clients for whom Phonecast along with its partners established call centers, ( Shaheen Foundation, Crescent Group)

Beside establishing call centers, Phonecast also established call center and skill development training centers in Karachi, a total of 5 such training centers were established.

In 2008 Phonecast entered in the field of IPTV and Mobile TV, for this it acquired the rights for Asia & Middle East from a leading European company Picture Broadcasting Experience Telecom SRL–Romania ( PBX Telecom), those were days of early starting of IPTV and Mobile TV, android market had not exploded with its applications, hand held devices were not that common.

So IPTV awareness was big issue, plus the consumer side Internet bandwidth was also not upto a mark where user can receive sustained 1 Mbps to be able to watch IPTV transmission.

In this context the Romanian partners were experts, they realized the bottle neck in the local situation, and designed the platform to suit Pakistani internet user.

In 2009 was the first contract Phonecast and its Romanian IPTV company got, that was ZONG CMPAK mobile TV, the contract was awarded to do a revenue share business arrangement with ZONG for operating 16 Live TV Channels, the project was established with local investors through a new entity www.pbe.com.pk, in which Phonecast also held equity, plus sold the technology platform.

Later in 2010 Phonecast signed with PTCL to establish Live TV channel platform for PTCL EVO-Wireless customers and EVO Tablet customers, currently this project has grown from 12 Live Channels to 50 Live TV Channels. This project of Phonecast is also on revenue sharing at gross level.- http://ptcl.com.pk/related_pages.php?pd_id=203&rp_id=222

Phonecast has also acquired stake in a eHealth company www.telecare.mobi, this company works in the fields of mhealth and telemedicine, together Phonecast has developed applications of Mobile Wireless Health units, remote patient monitoring, healthcare for ageing populations, etc.

Phonecast is current working with leading educational and Medical universities for eLearning services, while it is also working with leading social sector organizations like HANDS, Contech, Taaleem Foundation, National Committee for Maternal and Neonatal Health, Pakistan Medical Association (Karachi) College of Family Medicine. For implementing the eLearning tools and the content through its platform.

Our company holds the record of getting the contracts from Sate Television in partnership with Election Commission of Pakistan, for establishing and operating the control center, data input aggregation center for National elections 2008 & 2013.

Phonecast also was selected to establish and operate Haj Call center for 180,000 pilgrims, through a blended call center in Karachi,that received call from Saudia through a Saudi toll free number.

This was 4 month assignment.







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